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Be the YOU-est Version of You

Our Divine Download for February 4, 2023 is Yasigi/Live Out Loud from th African Goddess Rising Oracle. Yesterday we were told to be fully in an embrace the vulnerability of our emotions and today we are be guided and reminded to share all of the parts of ourselves loudly and proudly, and to hold nothing back. Express yourself. You have things to say. You have things to do. Share your voice. Share your own personal brand of magic. Who are you to deprive the world of your magic?! In doing so, there can be ripple effects far greater than you can possibly understand, see, or ever really be aware of. So rather than withholding and second guessing, express your YOUness. Your YOUniqueness. The way that you express yourself won't make everyone happy. That's okay. You're not meant to make everyone happy. There is only ONE person who you are meant to make happy and that's you - especially given that the entire reason that you are on this planet at this very moment is to be in joy. To enjoy your life. You won't do that by holding back. You won't be able to do that by hiding or suppressing any part of yourself. It's important to remember that living out loud and self-expression look different for everyone. Just do you. Just be you. It's important to remember that full self-expression may also look different for you at different points of your life. And that's okay too. Live out loud right here right now in the way that feels easiest, best, and most natural to you right now. Your Goddess Declaration is "I am free to express myself fully." And so it is!

When we have been denied or shamed for full self expression and living out loud in the past, those energies when unexpressed can settle within our bodies and cause dis-ease. An Integrated Reiki Session will help to balance those energies to make it easier for you to express yourself fully and live out loud. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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