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Be Uniquely YOU!

Our Divine Download for November 1, 2021 is Stay True To Yourself from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "Don't compromise or water down your ideas. Listen to, trust, and follow your inner voice." I love that this message came to us on Dia de los Muertos because there truly is no better way to honor our ancestors than to be the most authentic unapologetic version of ourselves. In their own way, and in their own time, our ancestors whom we honor today had to forge their own path towards authenticity and it helped strengthen their assertiveness, which in turn was passed down to strengthen your assertiveness and sense of individuality as well. It may not feel that way and it is always a fine line between honoring our ancestors by doing things as they have always been done, and honoring our own true nature. Bottom line, if doing things as they have always been done doesn't feel authentic for you, it is time to go your own way which is an honor to your ancestors in it's own way. They did not fight the battles that they fought for you not to be the most authentic version of exactly who you are. If you ever find yourself feeling stuck, or perhaps your business stalls, it is usually because you have compromised your original ideas. This often stems from listening to fears and attempting to satisfy or fit in with others. Fear will never lead you where you want to go. Rather, your intuition is your personal compass leading you to your unique and individual true north. It's never difficult to get back on track when you have run off course or find yourself stuck - you do so by being true to yourself. Call on Archangel Gabriel to help you in being and expressing your truest and most authentic self.

We inherit so much from our family of origin, our ancestors, good and bad. When these inherited patterns become restrictive and oppressive rather than helpful or supportive, it may be time to look at an Energetic Cord Cutting in order to allow you to move forward as your most authentic self. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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