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Be-You-tiful Becoming

Our Divine Download for Wednesday April 29, 2020 is Become the True You/Waratah from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. When we experience times of trauma, as we all are right now, our body reverts control to our baser brain who offers us three choices: fight, flight, or freeze. Most of us to some extent are stuck in the frozen mode of trauma right now because we can't fight a seemingly invisible microscopic enemy (though some of us are doing a hell of a job of misdirecting and fighting each other!), and we can't leave the house to flee. So we freeze. When we are in trauma, we loose sight of who we are. Who we truly are. The way out of trauma is to remember. To reconnect with those beautiful and unique parts of us that make us who we are. The quirky and the flawed, all of that which is all of us. When we can find our way back to connect with the true parts of who we truly are, we can remember that we are all here with a greater purpose than just living through a global pandemic. Each and every one of us is meant to do much more than merely leave the house. Many of us never actually have to leave the house in order to do what we are meant to do here in this lifetime (although the ability to do so is surely a bonus). Take a breath. Take one small step today. One teeny tiny teensy weeny little step to begin to reconnect with who you truly are. Stand thee for a while. Take it in. Try it on. Then take another step. And another. Take steps to reconnect not only to the true you, but to your true purpose - your Divine life mission. The world only has one you. Just one. And you may have one specific purpose, or you may have several. But you are here for a reason. And it's important. Or you wouldn't be here right now. Facts. So embrace it. Embrace yourself. Find your way back.


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