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Beautiful Beginnings

Our Divine Download for October 25, 2020 is Ace of Emotion from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. The Ace of Emotions is The Ace of Water, Summer, Cups, Hearts, and Archangel Raphael in other Tarot Interpretations. Aces in Tarot are always about new beginnings. Often times the Ace of Emotion heralds meeting someone new in a romantic sense, or an existing relationship growing, deepening, or intensifying in a positive and desired way. The new beginnings promised by the Ace of Emotions are positive beginnings, though they may be emotionally deep or intense in a positive way. In order for these positive new beginnings to take root and grow into something meaningful in the direction that you want them to, there is some work to be done on clearing and balancing your emotions (this suit in tarot is all about emotions!) If you have been struggling to go with the flow, or even to allow your emotions to flow in a natural and timely way, this is your sign that it's time to reconnect to your emotional nature and allow it to do it's job of supporting and sustaining you. This can also be a sign that there's something that you need to let go of in order to get right with yourself emotionally to clear the way for this prosperous new beginning. Your intuition plays into the lovely energy of your new beginning as well and it could be that your emotions have been blocking your intuitive nature which also flows like the water element. Check in with yourself and see if maybe there is something blocking your intuitive connection which needs to be addressed. The more in balance and free flowing your emotions are, the stronger and more accurate your intuitive sense will be. Keep in mind too, that Aces in Tarot don't typically herald "no big deal" or "minor" types of new beginnings. So don't let yourself go down the path of "why should I do anything differently because it's just going to be how it's always been." That's a big old NOPE. Things have shifted. Things have changed. You have shifted and you have changed. And this big, beautiful, bright new beginning will be like nothing you've seen before in the best possible way.

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