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Begin Again (and again, and again, and again...)

Our Divine Download for June 3, 2023 is New Begininnings from The Oracle of The Fairies. It's been a time and a season of new beginnings for a lot of people in a lot of ways and it's been most welcome after the stagnation and frustration of the timing of much of last year. However, that has left others wondering exactly where their new beginning is, because it just hasn't hit for them yet. This is your assurance, or reassurance that it is, it will, it absolutely is coming. If there have been some areas of your life that you're just not currently completely satisfied with, and you have found yourself yearning for a do-over or a new beginning, this is your sure fire sign that it is here, or right around the corner (or course we all know that the thing with timing and the universe is simply that it is a bit tricky given that time as we know it doesn't actually exist and it doesn't work the way that we think that it does or that it should). If you have been feeling stagnant in more than one area of your life, this could be your sign or your encouragement to figure out where you need a new beginning and to go forth and take whatever action steps are necessary to create your new beginning or to seek our the path that will get you there. The beautiful thing with new beginnings is that we are not limited to the artifical constructs of man-made time. We get new beginnings every single day, each week, each month - heck even every minute if we so choose. It is never too late or a bad time to begin again.

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