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Believe In What You Cannot See

Our Divine Download for November 16, 2022 is Beneath the Surface/Hidden Truths, Something Unknown from the Energy & Spirit Oracle Cards. Not everything is as it seems. In fact, few things are ever exactly as they seem. This card comes to us now to remind us that there are always things going on beneath the surface and behind the things which we do not necessarily need to be aware of (and in many cases probably wouldn't want to be aware of even if we could know!) Sometimes the things that go on beneath the surface and behind the scenes, in the ethers, are more real and more true than the alleged reality in which we supposedly exist. For example, we cannot necessarily see universal support or angelic guidance, or personal growth, or the multitudes of intangibles that ultimately mean so much more than what we see. We can connect better with the inner workings of what lies beneath the surface and behind the veil by quieting our minds and turning inward, and connecting to and with our own intuition which is most easily done through a regular meditation practice. Often times we can sense those things that lie beneath the surface and behind the scenes through our emotions which make an excellent compass. We know when things don't feel right and it is safe for us to trust our gut and to trust those feelings. Affirm: "People are open and honest with me, and I am honest with myself. Clarity and eternal truth sparkle in my life." And so it is!

When your energetic body is out of alignment it can feel more challenging to tune into and trust your intuition. An Integrative Reiki Session will clear and balance your energetic body to allow you to tune up the volume on your accurate intuition. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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