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Believe In You!

Our Divine Download for December 7, 2023 is Believe in Yourself from the Cherub Angels for Children Cards. Consider this a directive from your Spiritual Support Team. "Believe in Yourself!" What's stopping you? Why don't you believe in yourself fully and wholly? Why don't you acknowledge the amazing things that you do each and every single day? Why don't you acknowledge the amazing things that you've done thus far in your life? You have proven over and over and over again throughout your lifetime that you are capable of not only doing hard things, but at achieving hard things, excelling at doing hard things. So what makes you doubt that you and will succeed at absolutely anything you've set your mind to?! Your ego plays a part there because your ego sometimes (often...) rains on the proverbial parade of your accomplishments. But your ego is full of shit sometimes (often...) because it exists to keep you safe. It tries to keep you safe by keeping you playing small, and not taking chances, or "risks," and not following your dreams. But that's just no way to be! Your Spiritual Support Team has your back, and they're telling you that you've got extra potent success energy around you right now. You are even more likely to succeed at the endeavors you take on right now then you usually are - and you're already pretty likely to succeed at any given moment. So remember the spiritual truth of who you are. Remember what you are capable of. And don't let anyone or anything, including that pesky ego, stop you or even slow your roll when it comes to doing anything and everything that you want to do. Go forth and do great things!

The energy from our past mistakes (i.e. how we learn!) and our perceived "failures" can land and be stored in all different spaces and places within our energetic and physical bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session will help clear and balance those energies better paving your path to sure fire success. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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