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Believe In Your Reality

Our Divine Download for January 26, 2021 is If You Believe from the Angel Answers Oracle Cards. Ahem! Were we NOT paying attention yesterday? LOL! This is another in-you-face message about having faith and the extreme need for us to have faith right now. So what is possible if you believe? ANYTHING. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. That's right kids, we are being tasked with becoming masters of our own destiny through faith. So if we believe that our lives will be shit and nothing good will ever happen to us, then so it is. If we believe that all is well and everything is turning out for our greatest and highest good, then so it is. And everything in between. So be honest with yourself. Really honest with yourself. Raw honest with yourself. Real. WHAT do you believe? Look around at the things that you do not like right now in your life and ask yourself which of your inner beliefs this could be tied to. Want to change how it looks? Lean into working to change the belief. It's not easy, and it's usually not a whole lot of fun, but it is SO absolutely worth it. Most of our beliefs don't have much at all to do with us. Beliefs can be handed down through cellular memory and ancestral dna. Beliefs can form on the backs of seemingly innocent and inoccuous comments and experiences throughout our life times. Beliefs can be subtly indoctrinated to us over time without our every knowing that this happened. Beliefs can be funny things. Beliefs can be fickle things. Sometimes beliefs can be easy to change and we simply need to be willing to allow ourselves to have an awareness about what it is that we do believe about ourselves, our lives, our situations, this world. But most of us don't spend a whole heck of a lot of time or pay a heck of a lot of attention to what is going on with our beliefs, or what effect our beliefs could be having on our lives or our manifestations abilities. So it's time. It's time to pay attention. It's time to decide if your beliefs are still in alignment with your authentic self and your divine rite purpose. It's time to believe in you in the biggest, baddest, boldest way that you ever have before.

Beliefs are one of of the most common places where we develop negative cords of attachment. If you have certain beliefs and they are no longer serving you and function in your life as you want them to, it may be time to consider an Energetic Cord Cutting to the experiences that caused those beliefs to take root. Book your Session Here!


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