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Big, Bold, Beautiful, Abundance & Expansion

Our Divine Download for March 22, 2023 is Jupiter/Abundance from the Starcodes Astro Oracle Cards. Jupiter is the most benefic planet in the zodiac and as such is ALL about abundance and expansion! This is a sure sign for you that you have abundance and expansion coming into your life right now. Jupiter is asking you to think bigger right now. Think bigger, ask bigger, manifest bigger. Jupiter is never a planet that is going to settle for "enough." Jupiter also encourages abundant optimism. So wherever you have been lacking optimism in your life, Jupiter asks you to cut it out and turn up that optimism dial all the way. Jupiter is over the top and all about more, More, MORE! In this way, the challenge with Jupiter is that it can bring too much of a good thing or leave people feeling overwhelmed. Be mindful of magical thinking, and Pollyanna-esque avoidance of problems. Jupiter reminds us that when you give, you shall receive and in this way calls on you to expand your worldview, so reach out and feel at one with the universe. Realize that when Jupiter shows up for you in this way, the whole of the universe is conspiring to help you manifest the abundance that you want and you need in your life. When you intend to use that abundance to also help others, the universe will work doubly hard to make sure you receive what you need stat! This is your promise from the cosmos that your world is expanding in big, bold, beautiful ways that you cannot even yet imagine. And so it is!

An Integrative Reiki Session will help clear out and balance any old stagnant or stuck energies which will make room for all of the blessings of Jupiter to land. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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