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Bless For Blessings!

Our Divine Download for May 14, 2021 is Blessings of Abundance/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. When was the last time you stopped to count your blessings? Like really, truly, actively counted your blessings? Our ego dominated minds like to remind us over and over and over again about our challenges, our troubles, our worries, our conflicts, all of the things which are not as we want them to be. But, guess what? When we focus there, that's exactly what we'll have more of. But when we focus on our blessings, our abundance, that is what will predominantly exist in our lives. We get abundance very wrong sometimes. We assume that if we do not have a million dollars, and diamonds in our teeth, that we are not abundant. But we are! We SO are!! If we are alive, we are abundant, for abundance is our natural state and also the natural order of the Universe. In order for us to be blessed with even more, even greater abundance, our guardian angel is encouraging us to focus on the abundance that we already have. If you have laundry to do, then you have an abundance of clothing. If you have dishes to do, then you have an abundance of food - same goes if you have food in your fridge, your pantry, your garden. Sometimes simply re-framing that which we have in our lives already is all that it takes in order to reach a more abundant mindset. Maybe you have an over abundance of certain things in your life? If that's the case, then share the wealth and bless someone else! Abundance, just like all other universal laws is meant to exist in an easy, effortless flow. When we focus on what we don't have, we slow and block the flow. When we focus on what we have too much of, and create obstacles from these things, we slow and block the flow. But, when we can let these things go, release them, and ease back into the natural flow of abundance, that is where blessings of abundance truly begin for us. What do you have that you can bless someone else with today? How much are you able to bless others right now? Will you challenge yourself to dole out blessings as freely as you have previously doled out complaints? Prioritize blessing others and watch those blessings multiply and grow in the Universe and in your life.

It's not always super easy to see the blessings around us that naturally exist in our own lives, especially when we have been in a period of struggle. Allow your Angels to communicate with you about your existing blessings and assure you of those to come during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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