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Bless & Release Your Lessons

Our Divine Download for June 10, 2021 is Great Teacher, reminding us to "Learn from Spiritual Experiences," from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards. Whatever is happening around you right now, and whatever has happened, is divinely inspired. We are meant to learn through these divinely inspired circumstances. We are meant to grow through our learning. It's all inner connected, and it all serves a purpose. Sometimes our learning is more challenging, or more painful than it needs to be because we resist the lessons. Sometimes it is more challenging or more painful than it needs to be because we are not the only ones learning the lessons, and the resistance in others causes challenges for all. We are not meant to be challenged by our lessons, or through our growth. But we as humans rarely do things the easy way. We are meant to bless and release our lessons, creating peace as we do so. Which lessons from the past (or present) do you need to bless and release? Are you able to do so? If not, ask yourself why not? Ask yourself how it is serving you to continue to hold on to those lessons and the associated challenge and pain from those lessons. What would it take for you to be willing and able to bless and release the lessons that you are still holding on to? The great teacher within you, the one who harnesses the wisdom from all lessons ever learned, wants to teach you peacefully. Wants you to learn peacefully. Wants to help you connect with the external teachers in your life who will teach you and help you learn with peace and ease. For one of the greatest lessons ever learned is the lesson of how to be peaceful in your heart regardless of the chaos going on around you.

Sometimes the pain and challenge from lessons we've learned but not blessed and released gets stored in different areas of our physical body, causing us physical pain and discomfort. An Integrative Reiki Session can help identify and remove these blocks. Schedule Your Session Today:

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