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Brazenly Embrace Your Inner Goddess-Force Energy

Our Divine Download for Feburary 7, 2023 is Sitira/Brazen from the African Goddess Rising Oracle. Oooooohhhhhhh, these goddess are absolutely not playing when it comes to how we are to level up and show up for ourselves. It's shaping up like February and 2023 are going to be our most authentic times yet! Whoo-hoo! We are being guided to step up. To Go for it. To Partner with the Divine to make brazen choices and everything meant to diminish you will elevate you (how about THAT change in energy! Boom!) All who mean you harm will fall away when you show up in your biggest, baddest, most brazen fashion. Your hurdles are illusions because when you are tuned into, tapped into, connected to, and plugged into source, those hurdles simply don't exist. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Make the brazen decision. It is brazen to be unapologetically you. It is brazen to speak up for those not present. It is brazen to choose a different spiritual path or career than your community or family of origin. It is brazen to build your family your way, by your rules, by your definition. Goddess-force energy *IS* brazen. #facts How will you embrace your inner goddess-force energy? Where will you be brazen in your own life? Where have you been yearning to be brazen? Your Goddess Declaration is "I am bold, brave, shameless, and brazen." And so it IS!

Courage and confidence are necessary elements to making connected and brazen choices. Sometimes these energies become difficult to express because of the energies of previous experiences which may be stored or trapped in our bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session can clear out anything that may be blocking the full brazen expression of our true connected nature. Schedule Your Integrated Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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