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Break Free Of Your Prison

Our Divine Download for January 25, 2023 is Helpless & Hopeless from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart. In other Tarot interpretations this would be the eight of air, the eight of swords, the eight of winter, and the eight of Archangel Michael. Remember that the suite of air is all about cerebral or mental energy, and here we are stuck in the thinking about the illusion of being trapped. We are so busy focusing on our perceived problem that we are completely overlooking and disconnecting from the solutions which are literally right in front of us or right at our feet. The Helpless and Hopeless card has a real "can't see the forest through the trees" type of energy about it. Sometimes the best way out, the best way to free ourselves from the cage that our thoughts have us trapped in is to force ourselves to stop thinking about it at all. Sometimes we have to have some distance from our perceived problem or the prison of our own making before we can see clearly. One of the best ways to remedy the Helpless and Hopeless feeling as well as the lack of accurate perspective on our situations is to take action. ANY action. It doesn't matter specifically what you do, it does not matter whether or not the action that you take is directly relating to the perceived problem at hand. Just take action. Do something. One small, teeny, tiny lil action step. Even great races are run one step at a time. Every great journey begins with a single step. So create some action by making some movement!

Our Angels know that it can feel confusing and overwhelming to take action when we have felt so very stuck. They will guide us towards meaningful spiritual action steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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