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Breathe and Pivot

Our Divine Download for January 24, 2021 is Five of Air from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. In other tarot interpretations the Five of Air would be the Five of Swords, Five of Winter, and the Five of Archangel Michael. Air cards are always about cerebral energy, you know thinking, over-thinking, and even stinkin' thinking. (Because of course we never do ANY of that!) It's ironic that the element of air represents the cerebral because when we get stuck into those thinking types of energy our best bet is actually to take a big cleansing breath and allow it to act as a reset and shake us out of our thoughts and better align us with our feelings. When it has seemed as though we were on the right path and we run into a challenge where it now looks like we cannot continue on our current path without making some significant changes, it is important to know that in making the necessary changes, we are actually cultivating a better end result than we would have experienced had we just pushed ahead on our current path. Often this happens because we weren't thinking big enough or we weren't seeing the full scope of the big picture. Ultimately we will be vastly happier with the end result that comes from being forced to course correct. The five of air can also be an opportunity to assess where we are investing our energy and subsequently our thoughts in terms of the relationships in our lives. It is gentle guidance to take a break from negative or unsupportive and to make sure that there is balance within the giving and receiving aspects of all of your relationships. The Angel Message with the Five of Air is "First of all, breath! Perhaps your planning wasn't perfect. Maybe you didn't make all the right choices. It's all right, because guess what? You learned a lot, and it will all work out in the end. Now let's just work together to turn those lemons into lemonade!"

The energies from the disappointments of past plans can linger in our bodies when we push them down and don't experience them in the moments and create blocks for our current or future plans. An Integrative Reiki Session will dissipate those energies and help to balance your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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