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Bring Balance Into All Facets Of Your Life

Our Divine Download for January 31, 2024 is Mawu-Lisa/Balance from the Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards. Mawu-Lisa gently and lovingly reminds us that there is meant to be balance in all things, in all areas of our lives, and even (and especially!) within us. Just as there is meant to be a balance of day and night, light and dark, moonlight and sunshine. As above, so below. As without so within. Where are you feeling balance in your life? Where are you feeling out of balance or a lack of balance? What are you willing to do in order to restore balance in your life? Do you know? It's okay if you do not. It is okay if you aren't certain, don't know where to begin, or perhaps feel as though you need some guidance there. Mawu-Lisa will gladly guide you. As will any of your other guides. All you have to do is ask. But you do have to ask because free will choice is a hard and fast universal law that cannot ever be violated. In other words, they cannot help you if you do not ask! Even the unwillingness or seeming inability to ask for help can represent a lack of balance in your life. There is an art to balance giving and receiving within our lives (Hint: it can't just be you giving all of the time!) So look and those areas that are out of balance in your life and decide to bring back (or just bring period) the balance. Ask for help where you need it. It will make a world of difference when you do.

Our Angels know that it is difficult for us to ask for help and guidance and that balance is not always an area in which we excel and they are willing to guide us through Spiritual Action Steps during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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