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Bringing Your Hidden Depths To Light

Our Divine Download for April 16, 2021 is Hidden Depths from Oracle of the Fairies with the message "Something hidden is about to come to light - perhaps a secret or memory from the back of your mind. When we expose what's hidden, we can become free." Our society trains us not to look beyond the surface of things and we're often discouraged from doing so. Things are rarely just as they appear on the surface. There is almost always more going on than initially meets the eye. This goes for us too! Sometimes we don't know what is going on inside of ourselves because we rarely sit quietly with ourselves, or just allow ourselves to be. We are such multi-layered beings and it stands to reason that we're therefore always full of secrets and surprises. Do you delight in the surprises that you share with yourself? Do you enthusiastically embrace those new self discoveries that may bubble to the surface every now and again? Secrets do not need to have a negative connotation. Secrets can be wonderful and lovely surprises. Memories, even buried or forgotten memories do not have to be traumatic or intense. It's possible for lovely moments to get filed away in the land of the nearly forgotten until it is time for them to resurface. Not everything hidden is negative or scandalous. When it comes to ourselves, hidden can also simply mean not yet integrated. But we need to recognize and realize what is not yet integrated, and allowing it to surface will bring us one step closer to integrating those things. It's a time of lightness and more light with spring being upon us in the northern hemisphere. What better time to explore and expose our hidden depths and the hidden depths of s