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Buoy Your Faith

Our Divine Download for May 9, 2022 is Faith from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards with the message "I have faith in God to heal this situation." Ah yes, faith. It is so much easier to live our lives from a place of faith and connectivity, yet we all seem to struggle to trust, connect, believe. We can make ourselves crazy and hopeless and cause ourselves needless amounts of suffering because we refuse to surrender to our inner knowing and we fight rather than accept faith. Why is it so difficult for us to believe in an accept things that we cannot see? We believe in gravity and we can't see it. We believe in many different scientific particles that we can't see with out naked eyes. We have enough faith in radio waves that when we turn the dial in our car we expect sound to come out. Why is faith in the divine any different? Why is faith in connectivity so very challenging? Why do we insist on making it harder than it has to be to live our lives supported by ALL of the unseen forces of the universe (not just gravity!)? What is challenging your faith? What is blocking your faith? What can you do today to resolve those challenges and those blocks? Are you holding on to past disappointments as a justification for your lack of faith in the present and the future? That isn't even logical! You can never go back to where you were or repeat what has been before because you are simply not the same person that you were then. Rather that choosing to be faithless, challenge the universe to show you how much better it can be. Play with that connectivity. Believe and receive. Because faith is our natural state.

Our Angels understand all of the challenges and blocks that we have experienced with regards to our faith and they are here to help us connect and to buoy our faith during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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