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Cancel Any Karma That Doesn't Work For You

Our Divine Download for April 7, 2022 is DNA/Karma from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Karma is simply a concept in many Eastern Religions and is also a Sanskrit word implying the greater universal laws of cause and effect, providing an implied code of ethics within a seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth that we experience throughout our lives, in their many different versions. We make some great mistakes about our interpretation of karma and post people believe that it is some kind of punishment. At it's very core, karma merely states that our choices and conduct in this lifetime will determine our next incarnation. We not only carry our own soul's karma into this lifetime, but within our cellular memory, our DNA carries genetic ancestral karma as well. We therefore pass down certain patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and themes throughout our ancestral family units, including to our own children unless we mindfully identify and alter that ancestral karma. Your DNA contains both a physical components and a soul pattern. You are predisposed to follow the karmic dictates of this patterning to some extent, but you also always have free will choice. As you grow and your consciousness expands, and you evolve your light of awareness, you can make choices and changes that can shift and modify this ancestral design. You may sometimes feel the ancient karmic tug of your soul, but you are always in charge. Ultimately you will have a choice between destiny and fate. Choose wisely.

When karma is not our own but ancestral it can be a challenging awareness. An Energetic Cord Cutting will help sever the negative cords of attachment between yourself and these patterns freeing you to move forward with greater ease. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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