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Care For Yourself As Well As You Care For Others

Our Divine Download for May 14, 2024 is Caring "Heaven cares for me, and I keep my heart open to caring about myself, others, and the world" from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle. How are you showing yourself care today? How did you show yourself care yesterday? How will you show yourself care tomorrow? How are you caring for others today? How are you caring for the world today? We are interconnected beings residing on a living planet richly woven through the fibers of connectivity, so it is our job to care for ourselves, others, and the world each and every day. This isn't to say that we have to take all day in order to be in service to others and the world, but we should be doing at least one thing for others and one thing for the world each and every day, more often than not. We should also be showing appropriate care for ourselves and putting ourselves at the very top of our care and nurturing list and caring for ourselves before we even begin to think about caring for others our our world. This card shows up for us today to tell us that we need to exhibit some more care in our lives. This could be with ourselves, with others, or with the world at large (or even all three). But most likely it is a gentle, loving reminder to care for yourself the same way that you would care for a precious child. Because you ARE a precious child of the divine and you deserve nothing less than to be cared for in this way. Taking the utmost good care of yourself is not selfish, but is actually one of the most selfless things that you can do because the better you care for yourself the more you are able to help care for others and our world. So look at your life. Look at your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others and your relationship with the world and honestly assess where you may need to sprinkle in a bit more care.

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