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Cautiously Interpret The Signs

Our Divine Download for February 12, 2021 is Pay Attention to the Red Flags from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "The signs are cautioning you." Hmmmmmm. Interesting. Just a few short days ago we received the caution that not all that glitters is gold (i.e. things may not be exactly as they seem) and now we're being asked to pay attention to the red flags because the signs are cautioning us. So first thing's first: do not freak out. Your plans are not going to shit because of a couple of red caution flags. Your relationships are not going to all end in disaster either. But, there is likely more than meets the eye going on in one or even some situations or relationships in your life right now. This is not necessarily a message for you to completely veer off onto a different course. Rather, this is an encouragement to course correct and a gentle suggestion that the best way for you to do that is to trust your intuition and the intuitive guidance that you are receiving from your Spiritual Support Staff. Red flags and caution signs from the Universe are usually not terribly subtle. And, they're never a one and done, blink and you'll miss it type of thing. Rather, these are consistent, firm, cautionary messages that something is simply not right within a current dynamic or relationship. That thing that isn't right is likely not that your partner is a serial killer. But, it could be that your partner has some stuff they need to work on for a hot minute before you level up your relationship or level of commitment. Or, it could be that you need to get your act together in one or more ways before you are truly ready to invest in and embrace a particular dynamic or situation. We have a tendency to go all worst case scenario with our assumptions, and have a real flare for the dramatic with our gloom and doom nature. Perhaps you are being cautioned against these exact tendencies?! All is well. It is. Truly. Follow your guidance. Pay attention to the signs - you will not miss them. And when you are feeling that you need to re-evaulate or temporarily pump the brakes on a relationship or situation, give yourself the grace of space to do just that secure in the knowledge that what is meant to be, will always be, and that what is for you, will not pass you by or miss you. Especially when you are operating in a mindfully connected space.

If you feel as though you are receiving signs, but may not be so adept at interpreting them just yet, or when you are being cautious not to interpret from a space of ego-based paranoia, your Angels will absolutely help you receive loud, clear, glaringly obvious signs about any person or situation you may wish to inquire about during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book yours today!


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