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Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Our Divine Download for January 25, 2022 is Three of Water from the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards. In other tarot interpretations, the Three of Water would be considered the Three of Cups, Three of Hearts, Three of Summer, or Three of Archangel Raphael. Water cards in tarot are all about our emotions and allowing them to flow so that we can be in the flow of the universe. The Three of Water is all about celebration and is just dripping with lovely, juicy celebratory energy! It is an affirmation that good news is coming into you, and this will be good news that is emotionally based. This good news is positive and happy and is meant to be celebrated, so give yourself permission to and prioritize doing just that. This is also a reminder to prioritize spending time with the people in your life who bring you joy and around whom you feel emotionally positive, fulfilled, and sustained. Open your heart extra wide to positive emotional experiences right now because the energy to feed and support your heart abounds. The Three of water also talks about abundance, happy endings, and heartwarming hospitality. It is also a reminder to say yes! to any and all social invitations that you receive right now. as they will be joyous and emotionally fulfilling. The Angel message of the Three of Water is "When you receive uplifting news, our hearts are also lifted. We dance around you and sing joyful music in gratitude. When you are especially happy (or sad), our connection with you is particularly powerful. Take a moment now to notice any messages we are sending you!"

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