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Celebrate Your Personal Triumph

Our Divine Download for July 20, 2023 is Triumph from The Psychic Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be considered the chariot card. This is our third major arcana card in a row, letting us know that we are in the midst of big deal change and transformation, in the best possible way. If we string together the messages from the past three days, our transformation will lead us to embrace our own magic and divine connection through our manifestation ability (which we are finally ready to embrace) and that leads to a triumph! The imagery on the traditional chariot card has a person driving a chariot, but the reigns for the horses are energetic rather than physical. So the chariot is very much a card of self mastery. If there is any part of yourself that you have been struggling to master, this is your sign that you will and that you've got it this time. One of the horses pulling the chariot in the alternate version of this card is black, and the other white, suggesting that part of what we need to master is the dichotomy of light and darkness both within ourselves and within the world. The gentleman riding the horse on the Triumph card takes this a step further and suggests that we are mastering the animal instincts within ourselves in order to achieve our triumph - we're using them to propel us, to drive us, to fuel us, and to move us forward. This card is a sure sign that if you have had any struggles either within yourself or within your life that you absolutely will be triumphant. Own that triumph. Celebrate your victory. Because even if it isn't here yet, it sure is close and it's going to be absolutely amazing. You will build great things within your life on the back of this particular triumph.

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