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Celebrate Your Successful Harvests

Our Divine Download for August 14, 2021 is Demeter reminding us of Harvest from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. We know that when we plant the seeds, we are nearly always assured a bountiful harvest. Demeter gently reminds us that now it is time to harvest our rewards from the Universe! Sometimes we become so stuck in the cycles of sewing, tending, and harvesting (rinse and repeat), that we forget that harvest is supposed to be a joyous time of celebration. When was the last time that you celebrated your harvest? When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Isn't it time? Wouldn't it feel lovely to add the joyous energy of celebration into our times of harvest? And, guess what? When we do harvest in celebratory joyous energy, we are priming the energetic pump for even greater abundance. Because manifestation responds most graciously to joyous and celebratory energies. Too often we think that because we're not done, or there are still things left to do that we haven't earned any celebration. Too often we sort of skip over or ignore the harvest completely. But, the thing is, done = dead. We will never be "done" or not have anything to do or on our to to list as long as we are alive, and that's actually a beautiful thing! We're here to learn and we're here to grown and those things almost always happen cyclically. We're not here to race to get to some place of alleged "doneness." Our society gets that very wrong in selling the retirement "dream." So today, find a victory to celebrate. Something you've accomplished, somewhere you've grown, maybe something that you've simply survived. But find something. And celebrate the hell out of it, out of you! Demeter is here to help us usher in the abundance that we've been working for and towards, and celebration is the door through which our abundance will be ushered!

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