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Choose Joy First

Our Divine Download for October 26, 2020 is Open Your Heart from Guardian Angel Tarot Cards. This card is known as the Lovers in Traditional Tarot. The Lovers is another card that tends to be misunderstood - due in large part to the name, people naturally assume that it is about love and relationships. And it is. Sort of. BUT, it's more about choice. YOUR choice. Free will choice. Heart centered choice. This card is absolutely in harmony not only with yesterday's card, but is also a major arcana card and the third (gasp!) one that we've seen this week! So if things have not been honky dorrey in the love or the relationship department (and this very much includes all relationships with other people, as well as the most important relationship: the one with yourself), that all changes. Right about now. Your relationships with self and others are leveling up in big meaningful ways. You will simply feel better about those relationships, the relationships themselves will feel better to you. They'll be easier and more comfortable. If you are willing to allow this shift and this change. If you're willing to do the necessary work on the excavation of self that will lead you to joy filled healthy relationships. Are you willing to say NO to anything and anyone that doesn't give you joy? (No is a complete sentence you know!) Are you ready to say yes to yourself in this way? Are you willing to make the shift and allow the change to leading with your heart rather than your head? Are you willing to follow your feelings? Are you in touch with your feelings in a meaningful way to allow you to do that? Gone is the time of "I need to think about it" and making mental lists and ruminating over right courses of action. Now is the time to check in with your heart center and make your decisions only from the heart, only from the space of what feels good to you. In doing so, you don't need to be worried that you might miss out on potential people or opportunities because the Universe will reward your aligned vibration in a big way with a better flow of abundance of all things. No more settling. Because settling doesn't make your heart sing. Settling doesn't bring joy. Settling also doesn't allow or promote growth. It's time to choose you. Do so by always choosing joy.

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