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Choose What and How You Juggle

Our Divine Download for June 15, 2022 is Juggler from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "Life gives us an amazing amount of juggling to do, requiring a great deal of balance, flexibility, skill and good humor. Don't worry if you drop a ball, or even all of them, just start again keeping only the balls you want or need. You will develop your own style or art of juggling." We all juggle. Every single one of us. The world we live in, the values of our society, well, they sort of insist that we become expert jugglers in our own rights, whether we want to or not. Juggling is more or less a way of life for all of us these days. But, we forget that we still have free will choice and that though we may have to juggle, we can still choose to some extent WHAT we juggle and WHEN we juggle it. We have the power and the ability to set down any of the proverbial balls that we juggle at any time. Whoa. Is there anything that you want to set down right now? Is there anything that you need to set down right now? Is there anything that you may never choose to pick up again? Then go ahead and set that shit down! Give yourself permission to juggle less! Give yourself permission to juggle as little as possible. We also forget that juggling is supposed to be fun because most of us our so overwhelmed so much of the time that juggling never feels fun to us. We have the power to change that too through our free will choice. What changes can you make which would allow the juggling that you are required to do to be a bit more fun? Where can you add fun into the other things that you must juggle? It's time to lighten up our approach to juggling. Challenge yourself to lighten the load of that which you juggle as much as you possibly can and have some damn fun in the process!

If you aren't sure what you can or should set down when it comes to your juggling routine, it may be time to check in with your Angels for their advice during a 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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