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Choose Your Heart

Our Divine Download for November 27, 2020 is The Lovers from Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. The Lovers is a major arcana card, which is equivalent to a trump card in traditional playing cards. The Lovers is often misunderstood because people assume it's about romantic relationships, and it's true, it very much can be. BUT, more often when it comes up, it is about CHOICE. Your choice. Free will choice. And, these choices that this card references do not just highlight those that have to do with our love lives. Rather, these are choices which will enhance our love OF life. We see Archangel Raphael represented on this card (and again, looking a lot like Prince!) encouraging us to make ALL choices in our lives from our balanced, glowing heart space, rather than our head space or involving or allowing the influence of any other person or people. We must choose ourselves first, and it is only by following these heart-centered choices that we can truly and meaningfully do so. Any dis-ease that we are experiencing in our bodies and in our life can be positively influenced and potentially healed when we allow ourselves to be guided by our heart center. When we do this, we are living our most authentic life, and we are honoring our truth as individuals. It is in this way and in this space in which we can have our most beautiful, heart-centered, balanced relationships. It is by living in this way that we can attract more and new fulfilling relationships to our lives. It all begins and ends with our own heart centered connection with self. It is all born through beautiful balance of heart and mind. Archangel Raphael blesses us in this process and is very much here to partner with us and guide us as we shift more fully towards heart centered living. Choose to work with him. Choose to allow his support in your life. Choose to embrace him and this opportunity you've been given through his mindful message and encouragement. Choose to give yourself a chance to fully experience heart centered living.

Choosing yourself and operating from your heart center is not as easy as it sounds when we have been conditioned to do anything but throughout our lifetime. Heart centered living is one of the most foundational elements on our path towards joy and specific personal guidance is available there through a Back to Basics Reading.


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