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Clean It ALL Up

Our Divine Download for February 5, 2021 is Clean it Up from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. Okay, real talk: that mess that's driving you crazy? That you're obsessing about? That you can't ever seem to get around to doing anything about? Yeah, that's a manifestation of some sort of internal mess that needs to be cleaned up so that we stop manifesting it externally. All of the messes in our lives are actually messages for us that something is out of alignment in our lives. So bless that mess! (Bless it, don't stress it!) It's time to clear away what no longer serves us. EVERYTHING which no longer serves us. Not some of it. Not most of it. All of it. It we do not love it, if it isn't working for us, if it is broken, if it does not bring us joy, well, it's just got to go. Because as long as we're hanging on to all of that mess, we're blocking the space of the new and the neat, the leveled up versions of what we want and what we need in our lives to land. We want certain things, we're trying to manifest, asking the Universe, but what space have we created for those blessings? It's a simple law of science that two things cannot occupy the same space. Which will you choose? So let's clean house! Literally and figuratively. Let's sweep away what is no longer wanted or needed, anything that isn't working. That's create space to be free from our alleged burdens. Let's clear both the clutter and the air. Let's allow ourselves to breathe easier and the energy to move more freely. Rome wasn't built in a day and your mess wasn't created in a day, regardless of type or origin. It's not going to be eliminated or contributing patterns changed in a day either. So be gentle and patient with yourself and the progress. Just keep on keeping on until there is nothing left to keep on any more. Clean it up in all the ways that you feel so moved and so called and watch as your life levels up in seemingly miraculous ways.

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