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Clean Up or Convert What You Can't Digest

Our Divine Download for July 12, 2023 is Digest/Turkey Vulture with the message "What am I CLEANING up or CONVERTING?" from the Prairie Magic Oracle Cards. If there is anything in your life that you are having a hard time swallowing or a hard time stomaching (which would therefore cause you to have a hard time digesting it...), it is time to clean it up or convert it. It is up to you which way you go and sometimes the act of cleaning something does simply convert it to something new and better. Turkey Vultures get a bad rap because we associate them as messengers of death, scrap pickers, trouble causers, scavengers. But they serve a wonderful purpose within the food chain (and are actually pretty darn cool to see and look at too!) What comes to mind when you think of your own digestion? How has your digestion been lately? Is there something or some things that you are having trouble swallowing or stomaching? What are you cleaning up or converting? What do you need to clean up or convert? Take a digestive energetic inventory and honestly answer these questions. Your gut (couldn't help it!) will tell you what you need to do and exactly what you need to clean up or convert. Our digestion is such a powerful part of our lives because we digest food in order to fuel our bodies. The same is true of the energy that we ingest and subsequently digest. If you aren't comfortable or just aren't thrilled with where you're at energetically, take a page out of the turkey vulture's play book and clean up or convert something or some things in your life.

Sometimes we need to go to greater lengths in order to clean up or convert energy in our lives and we may need an Energetic Cord Cutting to cut the negative cords of attachment to certain people or situations. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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