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Cleanse Your Energy!

Our Divine Download for Saturday April 25, 2020 is Cleanse Your Energy/African Violet from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. This card and this theme comes up frequently in many of my readings. Because the energy is so dense and heavy and sticky right now out there in the collective, it has become harder for those of us who are light workers and those of us who are working at a higher vibration to cleanse and clear our energy. But it is even more necessary now than it ever

has been before to separate from the collective energy to allow ourselves to continue on our own individual paths and to invest in and continue the important work that we are doing. It may not be as simple as it once was to obtain African Violets, in some cases it may literally be impossible for the moment. No worries! Images of African Violets are just as powerful and contain the same energetic vibrations and frequencies as the plants themselves and can be used to cleanse and clear our energy. You can screenshot this card and run in through your own energy field simply by waving it through your field with the intention to clean any negative energy, especially that which isn't yours. You can use images of African Violets as screensavers on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can print images of African Violets and hang them in the areas of your home in which you are spending the most time. Follow your guidance and do what feels natural and right to you. This card is also an indication that extra steps are needed to clear your energy field and that of your home. Incense, Palo Santo Wood, and candles can help to clear and balance the energies, as can diffusing essential oils and using essential oil sprays. Make sure that you are mindful of what energies you are allowing to come into your home through the door, but also through your electronic devices and your television. Open your windows to literally clear the air and the energy with the intention that all negative energy flies right out those windows. Really up the anti on your energetic hygiene routine to make sure that you are keeping your own energy field as free of negativity as possible. Just as we shower or bathe daily, we need to be taking daily energetic hygiene steps and right now we are being guided to buckle down and increase whatever we have been in the practice of doing to that end.


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