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Clear & Shield Your Energy

Our Divine Download for January 20, 2022 is Shield Yourself/Bougainvillea with the message "Invoke Protection to bring this situation to a speedy end." from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Real talk: it's freakin' nuts out there. The macrocosmic energies are simply bananas. Everything from the astrological transits, which frankly feel more intense than they every have, to the behavior of random people who we come in contact with, to the many, many systems within our country which are broken beyond repair, to the unimaginable behavior of the people in our own lives - it's a lot. It's more than a lot. Most of the time it's just too much. Simply too much. We really need to be making sure that our energetic hygiene is exceptional right now. So how's your energetic hygiene practice looking these days? If you're not even sure what that is, chances are there's room for improvement. If maybe you have allowed certain things to slide, or become lax about some of your energetic hygiene practices, it is time to take those tools out of your tool box and actually use them. Ideally you should be cleansing and shielding your energy system several times a day. Once when you get up in the morning, any time you are forced to deal with harsh or crazy energies, and again before you go to sleep at night. There are myriad ways to cleanse and shield and ultimately you have to find those practices that work best and feel right to you. When you feel stuck or overwhelmed in the process, ask your Angels for their help, support, and guidance.

Checking in on your chakra system with a Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading can provide you valuable information and simple spiritual action steps to cleans and shield your energy. Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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