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Clear the Way for Your Miracle

Our Divine Download for October 15, 2020 is Mother Mary/Expect a Miracle ("Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.") and Nemetona/Sacred Space ("Create and altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine." from the Goddess Oracle. Your miracle is coming. It's on it's way. It's almost here. But are you ready for it? Are you really? Truly? Have you cultivated the necessary space in your home and in your heart and your mind to allow for your miracle to take hold and root? Because without the necessary sacred space, your miracle can't come in. Wait, what?! Yeah, that's right. You've got to prepare. You must for your miracle. You have to be ready for the change. Willing to accept it. However it may look. You've got to be willing for the healing to occur. And in order to be ready and willing for the healing to occur, to make the necessary space for your miracle to happen, you might just need to get rid of some stuff that's taking up space either physically or energetically within your home or within your head and your heart. Chances are better than not that you already know what needs to go. You already know what isn't serving you. You already know what's just filler, what's just taking up space. So let it go. Get it gone. Get rid of it so that you can allow not only something new and better to come in, but you can allow the miracle that you've been promised to arrive. How empowering does it feel to be clearing space for the miracle that's on it's way to you? Radiate in that feeling, enjoy your empowerment. That's going to quicken your manifestation of your miracle. When you honor your empowerment through meaningful action, you also connect with and honor the Divine. Make time and space to do that on a regular basis. Make your life, your choices, your thoughts, and how you life a living, working, breathing altar for Divine communion. It is in that space and that practice that greater miracles are born.

Miracles and Sacred Space. It doesn't get more basic than that in Spirituality 101. Get Back to Basics and buoy your faith through meaningful action steps to help you clear and create a sacred space within yourself. Book a Session!


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