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Come On Baby Light Your Fire

Our Divine Download for February 27, 2023 is Fire/Intensity from the Messages From the Spirits of Nature Oracle. Whenever a fire card comes up in an Angel Tarot reading, I will always say "we love when fire comes up because fire indicates movement!" Fire is the exact opposite of stuck or stagnant energy and usually indicates that not only are things moving and finally starting to happen (often times after frustrating delays) but it's usually also a sign that things are moving in a positive direction. However, there are also times when fire cards come up when they remind us that nothing is going to move at all in our lives if we do not have the passion to sustain that action that we seek. If we are devoid of passion, if there is very little excitement and enthusiasm, than any motion, any movement, any action is simply going to flame out. We need to feed our creativity and connect with our passion in order to achieve sustainable movement and momentum. This may mean that we need to take some risks and stretch ourselves a bit in order to engage in activities that spark our excitement. Unfortunately our minds and bodies are often conditioned to associate intensity with tension and turmoil, so we may have to rewire our neural pathways in order to be able to follow our passionate and creative urges. If there are activities in your life that you have been considering but have been reluctant to act on due to fear, it's time to face the fear and do it anyway. Stoke the fire in your belly and in your heart in order to abandon those fears that have been holding your back from experiences that will really light your fire!

When we disconnect from our passion and our creativity, it can be challenging to find our way back to these parts of ourselves. Our Angels will help us do just that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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