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Come Together, Right Now

Our Divine Download for July 11, 2020 is Unity/Hibiscus from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards bringing us the message "You're spiritually connected to everyone through God. Use this sacred bond to heal your family, friends, and yourself." We are living in more divisive times than ever before. Even things which should naturally be bringing us together are somehow breeding more divisiveness. For months, my guides have been alerting me that we as a society are getting it very, very wrong in this way. We have seemingly lost the ability to simply disagree without creating even greater, more division. This lovely card is a gentle reminder that we are all one, truly. We are all creatures of God's perfect creation, each and every one of us, regardless of our gender, race, orientation, political viewpoints, and health practices. It is time that we all descend our soapboxes and start seeing everyone in this truth, everyone in their actual God-given equality. It is a time of togetherness, a time of tolerance, a time of more listening and less talking to further understanding. It is a time of learning. This is a time to extent olive branches. A time to let bygones remain in the past. A time of forgiveness. It is a time to stop excluding anyone who doesn't share our exact beliefs and our exact opinions from our lives and from our hearts. It's a time of more love, for everyone. Look at your life and take an honest assessment of where there could be more unity and more inclusion. Look at your life and embrace the situations and the people who could benefit by simply showing them more love and less judgement. Extend olive branches where need be to foster greater unity. By doing this with even one person in your life, this love and understanding will create ripples that positively effect the unity of everyone on this planet. Unity, tolerance, togetherness and love are what should be blooming this summer. Right along with the hibiscus flowers.

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