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Commit to Engaging With Self First

Our Divine Download for February 15, 2021 is Engagement from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Your love life is ascending to a higher level of commitment." And there's our buzz word of the day: commitment. Your very first step, your very first job, is to commit, fully, to taking care of yourself. I'm not talking about a little bit of fleeting alleged self care here and there. I'm not talking about after everyone else has been checked off of your list. I'm talking about putting yourself at the very top of your list and committing to leaving yourself at the top without guilt or apology all of the time. Yes, all of the time. Because if you cannot commit to yourself, you are making an energetic statement about your inability to commit to others in so very many different ways. Because you (yes, YOU!) matter most, and you certainly matter first. Commitment to self is done in part by establishing and exercising boundaries about what you will and won't accept in your relationships and in all other areas of your life, such as career, home, lifestyle, familial and all types of acquaintance and friendship based relationships. Part of honoring your commitment to yourself and protecting necessary and healthy boundaries is to take decisive action and telling others how you feel, how you truly feel, about their words and behaviors. As you commit further and deeper to yourself, to honoring yourself through your commitment to self, the Universe matches your committed vibration by sending you additional experiences of loving commitment, including the promise of a committed romantic relationship, even a marriage if you so choose. So if you are not currently in a romantic relationship, and perhaps your prospects have been feeling a little slim of late, accept this reassurance from the Universe that it WILL happen for you. And then honestly lean in and assess your level of commitment to self. If you are involved in a romantic relationship, and it's not been feeling so groovy or going so well of late, again, look to your commitment to self as your guide. It all starts there. Also, this card encourages us to look at those things in our lives that we are engaged to and with. Do those things honor us? Are we honoring commitments that we've made there? Do we need to make changes or different choices regarding who and what we are engaging with? What we choose to engage in and with, and what we allow in our lives is laying the foundation for what we will have more of in our lives. So choose wisely!

When we have not been actively and meaningfully committed to ourselves for a period of time, it can be daunting to figure out how that looks for us moving forward and even which steps we need to take. Allow your Angels to guide you and help you develop a workable action plan for self commitment during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book yours today!


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