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Commit To Making Space For Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for January 18, 2022 is Stand By Your Commitment/Pink Lily and Simplify Your Life/Daisy from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Our Daisy card urges us to simplify our lives and to get rid of any (ANY!) and all clutter that we have physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and in doing so to make space for that which we do want and do value in our lives. Pink Lily asks us to stand by our commitment to ourselves and to living our best, healthiest, most functional life and allowing ourselves to commit the time to making the necessary space for our lives to bloom and grow and for all of our beautiful dreams to come true. Often when it comes to clutter, we don't prioritize dealing with it because it just isn't comfortable or easy for us to do so. We don't realize the mind body connection and that any physical clutter in our environment is really just a symptom and not the actual problem. What does the clutter represent? What is it tied to? It can feel impossible to commit to dealing with clutter, or clearing space, when we don't understand the root cause of it's existence and therefore cannot connect with what we need to do about it. We also mistakenly think that we have to figure it all out and deal with it alone, when in reality our Angels and our Guides are just waiting for us to ask for their help, guidance, and support. We have unlimited support from the entire universe to help us with this! Are you able to accept the help and support from the universe? Will you commit to experiencing that cosmic connection and universal support? Commit to yourself and clear space for everything that you've ever dreamed of and ever wanted to land. Commit to clearing the space for your dreams to come true!

Self-care commitments can feel like some of the most challenging to commit to, even though they are the ones that pay off the greatest dividends. Commit to self-care and space clearing within your physical and energetic bodies with an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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