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Commit To The Practice of Seeing The Good In All Things

Our Divine Download for June 30, 2024 is Love "I commit to the practice of seeing the good in all things" from The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards. You are love. #facts It is your inherent vibration. The obstacles and challenges of the physical dimension attempt to trick you into thinking that there are other ways to view life - but there is only one way that is natural to your being: love. Our egos like to get in on this trickery too, because in their attempt to and practice of keeping us safe, they proliferate fear. This card simply reminds you that your soul is made of God's pure Divine vibrational force of love and that you need to actively bring this awareness to every aspect of your life and being. Love is a healing energy. All anxiety and drama cannot exist in the aura of love. Most souls have come back to the earth in order to learn, accept, and utilize this harmonic force and to see its effect upon their lives. It is your time to remind others of the strength of their own power of God and the universe, and to assist them in knowing fully that love is the most powerful element in the Universe. It builds, fortifies, and strengthens even the most lost person. When we live in the power of love, then and only then will we know the truth. True love is the spiritual link between us and God. It will guide our footsteps through the conflicts of the material world and will cleanse our hearts of unwanted facets of human personality. It will also minimize the challenges that we face in life because when we look at those challenges through the lens of love, they simply look lesser and quite different.

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