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Commune With Nature to Connect With Peace

Our Divine Download for April 15, 2022 is Go Outside from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "It's time to go outside! Tune into the powerful peace of nature, wherever you are, and feel at one with your habitat." We have spent far too long cooped up, in part because it has been literal winter for many of us. These stuck, recycled, stagnant energies not only do not serve us right now, but are keeping us separate from both our magic and our divine right peace. And that's no good! Our guidance is to go outside. ASAP. But don't just go outside as you walk from your house to your car. Go outside in a connected and meaningful way. Take a breathe outside, in nature. Take another. Take a couple. Notice the rebirth and renewal of so many plants and animals as they bloom and grow in the spring nature cycle. Connect to them in sight, sound, smell, and feeling. See if you can connect to those places within your own body that you are feeling the renewal of the spring nature cycle. As you breathe and connect in whatever nature space you choose, notice how that connection breeds peace. Notice how this peace feels. Notice where you feel this peace in your body. Notice how you fit into nature. Notice that you have always been a part of the natural cycle of life, a small part of the greater whole of nature. Make it a point each and every day to experience true communion with nature, however that looks for you. It is within this time and these spaces that you are best able to connect to your own magic and promote the most peace in your body and in your life. So just do it: go outside!

When you truly cannot get outside, you can bring the outside in and experience nature with a Flower Therapy Healing Session using fresh cut flowers which you get to keep and continue working with after your relaxing and restorative session. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session Today:Book Your Session HERE!

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