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Compassionate Action Required

Our Divine Download for March 13, 2023 is Activist/Mother Theresa from the Angels & Saints Oracle Cards. We're being reminded that part of our purpose on this planet, part of us living our purpose is to be of service to others. We have in large part gotten away from the days of activism, and often hide behind our keyboards offering platitudes about change, reform, and the challenges that we see in our world without any actual intention to DO something about any of it. That is in part because some of the problems that we perceive feel SO big and SO scary, that we just aren't sure, or are possibly convinced that we cannot affect change by anything that we do. However, we are being reminded to be the change that we wish to see in the world, and to take one single action step towards changing something we don't like or don't agree with TODAY. Every action creates a ripple and we just never know which ripple is going to end up causing a splash or creating a wave. It is not up to us to judge the effect that our actions will have or to decide whether or not they will or will not do any good. It is simply up to up to follow the guidance as it presents to us and today that guidance is clearly to take an action. Any action. The other thing this card asks us to consider is to connect with those causes or that cause about which we feel most passionate, and consider taking action more than just once towards supporting and sustaining that cause. When we align our actions and invest our time with those causes that are closest to our heart and pull on our heart strings the most, it is then that we get to experience living our most authentic life. Act accordingly!

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