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Compromise & Collaborate Towards Better Balance

Our Divine Download for November 29, 2023 is Balance/Zebra from the Angel Tarot. Balance is a major arcana card which is the equivalent of a trump card in traditional playing cards. When the Balance card shows up for you, it is a pretty good sign that you are out of balance. Oops. But it's not a crisis, because the Balance card also offers you a pretty solid plan for getting back into balance which is to stop (STOP!) trying to do it alone! Balance in this sense is best achieved through compromise and collaboration with others. Compromise often isn't a word that people love because we have this misconception that in order for compromise to be achieved it means that we have to "lose" and others get to "win." But the type of compromise that is referenced on the balance card has a win-win-win energy, which means that all parties involved will not only feeling like they are winning, but they will feel like they are winning to such an extent that they actually pulled one over on the other person or people involved in the situation. This is the type of collaborative energy and divinely inspired compromise that the Balance cards talks about. Not everything has to be equal in situations or in your life to achieve balance. Though I have never counted, I am confident that zebras do not have an equal amount of black and white on their bodies. And that's okay! Because it is the sum of the whole that leads to balance. If you feel that there are situations in your life that are out of balance, and you've tried your damnest to try to come up with compromise and solutions, ask your Angels and your guides to help you with them. They're literally just waiting for you to ask because free will choice is a hard and fast rule of the universe and they cannot violate it so they cannot help you if you do not ask. So ASK! Consider it step one to achieving meaningful and lasting balance in all areas of your life.

Our Angels happen to be balance experts and will offer Spiritual Action Steps to guide us towards our greatest compromises, collaborations, and our best balance when we ask them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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