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Confidently Exercise Choice

Our Divine Download for May 27, 2021 is Confidence and Boundaries from the Spellology Oracle Cards. Boundaries and Confidence sort of go hand and hand and side by side on and endless infinite loop. We need to have a certain amount of confidence in order to set appropriate boundaries, and at the same time we need to set appropriate boundaries in order to bolster and preserve our confidence. One really can't exist without the other. Boundaries are tricky and we tend to get them very wrong. There is a pervasive rumor that boundaries have to do with other people. But they don't. It's not about what we don't want other people to do. We cannot control other people and we certainly cannot influence what they do and do not choose to do. Boundaries are about us. About protecting our energy, and illuminating the choices that we do have in any given dynamic. We might not be able to control that Joe Schmoe does x action, but we certainly can control what we do and how we react to anything that Joe Schmoe does. There is great power in our choices, and our confidence stems from connecting with the power of those choices. When we erroneously make boundaries about other people, we take away our power and our choices in those dynamics - sort of the exact opposite of what boundaries are meant to do! So, look at the dynamics and the relationships that you have in which you feel the need to exercise boundaries. Evaluate the effectiveness of those boundaries and make sure that the boundaries are about you and not them. Then prepare to watch your confidence soar!

Physical blocks in our energy fields can influence our confidence and make it challenging to focus on or set appropriate boundaries with others. Evaluate your confidence through the lens of your chakra system and remove any potential blocks that you may have there with a Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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