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Connect In A Heart-Centered Way

Our Divine Download for January 20, 2023 is Coming Together from the Psychic Tarot of the Heart. In other Tarot Interpretations this would be considered the two of cups, two of water, two of hearts, two of summer, and two of Archangel Raphael. The suite of water is all about our emotions, our emotional nature, and our emotional needs. This coming together is about emotional bonds and connections within your relationships. It's about coming together from and emotionally connected, emotionally supportive, heart centered place. It's about relationships that grow, deepen, and level up. Usually the two in this suite doesn't talk about this happening with someone new, but a leveling up within an existing relationship. There's also a growth or maturation of bonding and support that takes place within the constructs of this card. When I pulled this card I could hear The Beatles "Come Together" and the message that I received was for us to look at our relationships, all of our relationships and evaluate where we can promote more heart-centered sharing and togetherness. Where can we promote coming together where we have maybe previously insisted on focusing on separation or distance? Can we find it in our hearts to let people in just a little bit more? To cultivate something more real and more authentic, more connected? This is our sign that it's time for us to step up and honor ourselves, our hearts, and our relationships in this way.

Our Angels want us to have the types of aforementioned supportive, bonded, nurturing relationships and they will offer simple Spiritual Action Steps to help us to exactly that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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