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Connect To Protect

Our Divine Download for April 18, 2022 is Protect Your Dreams with the message "You are the guardian of your precious dreams and they are safe in your care. Keep them close to your heart until you're ready to release them." from the Oracle of the Fairies. It's time for you to connect to your dreams. Both the dreams that you dream and night and those dreams for your life and of your future that you hold in your heart and your mind are asking for your attention. You cannot protect your dreams if you are not connected to them and if you are not aware of them. You will always know when the time is right to release your dream, and usually your Angels, your guides, and the universe will push and prod you until you take action in that direction. But in the meantime, in order to protect your dreams, in order to nurture your dreams, you must connect to them. What is your dream? What do you dream? Do you know why you hold that dream dear to your heart and soul? Do the dreams that you once dreamed so very long ago still fit? Do they still make your heart flutter? Have you allowed your dreams to grow and evolve? Make it a point to check in with yourself and to check in with your dreams every single day. Part of protecting your dreams is tending to them, nurturing them, taking any divinely inspired action relating to making them come true (even when that action doesn't seem or feel remotely related to your dreams). You cannot do that with connection. Give yourself permission to dream. Rediscover your dreams, or discover them for the first time if you've never taken the time to know your dream self or made the space for them to take root and grow. It's a season for planting seeds, and it's time to connect to your dreams so that you may plant them and tend to them each and every single day.

If you have disconnected with or perhaps never discovered your dreams, your Angels know what is in your heart and soul. Check in with them regarding your dreams and so much more during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session: Book Your Session HERE!

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