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Connect to Your Sacred Temple

Our Divine Download for September 2, 2020 is Spirit/The Sacred Temple from The Quantum Oracle. Guess what? Your spiritual life, your inner life, your own personal sacred inner temple? It needs some work. It needs some attention. Each and every single one of us (Yes! You too!!) has access to unlimited guidance and support through our Divine Connection and our Heart Center, which is most easily accessed by turning inward and seeking that connection through mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and other grounding, centering practices. This is where we connect with the eternal identify of our own souls. It is within this beautiful, sacred connection where we find answers to our most frustrating challenges, and our big, important life decisions. It is here where there is clarity and the clouds and fog, noise and static of the outer world clear. You are being shown that you are at a point in your life where this connection is necessary to raise and sustain your personal power. It's time to level up and you do so by going within and truly seeking the connection that lies there, which has been too long in a dormant state. Whatever you are working on, whatever you are working towards, whatever goals, dreams, and desires you have set for yourself, can all be supported through this inner sanctum connection where unlimited information and all of the answers that you seek are available to you now, just as they always have been through all of space and time. When you take the time and make the effort to connect with this powerful spiritual source, connect with the oneness of your being, and connect with your place within all of creation, you will find all avenues of your life opening up, ripe with unlimited possibilities. You're ready. You've been ready. You were born ready. Take time to enter your temple. Meditate, trust, and believe - receive! You'll be blown away by the intense and amazing energy that you find there and the important discoveries you'll make within the information that is available to you there. Enjoy! Affirm: "I open the Akashic Records that vibrate all around me. The wisdom of eternity is mine to behold."

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