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Connect To Your Spiritual Truth And Infinite Support

Our Divine Download for September 25, 2023 is Dark Blue Galactic Dragon (Helps you listen to the voice of the universe.) from the Dragon Oracle Cards. This dragon is all about connection. Connecting ourselves to the whole of the universe. We are all connected. We all have access to this connection at any time. Yet we all seem to be conditioned to forget that and think that we have to go it alone, more often than not. Call on the wisdom on the Dark Blue Galactic Dragon to remind yourself of who you truly are and all that you have available to you, connected to you, and at your disposal at any given time. Cosmic wisdom is available to us at all times. It's a part of us. It lives within us. It is literally built into our DNA. But we forget. We ignore. And then things become much harder than they have to be when we remember the spiritual truth of who we truly are and the infinite support that we have available to us at all times. The Dark Blue Galactic Dragon asks you to remember. He asks you to take steps to ensure that you never forget again. He challenges you to see how you will remember and what steps you will take to never again deny yourself the truth of your spiritual nature and the boundless support that is your birth right. Work with him. Allow him to inspire you. And prepare to level up and live your best, most supported life.

Learning your own birth chart and all of the potential included therein can be a wonderfully empowering way to connect to your spiritual truth and the infinite support that is available to you at all times. Book Your Astrological Chart Interpretation TODAY: Schedule Your Astrological Chart Interpretation HERE!

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