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Connect With Mother Earth

Our Divine Download for May 27, 2023 is Gaia/Connect to Nature from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Gaia, or Mother Earth is encouraging us to connect with nature. Typically when she steps in with her gentle, loving, supportive reminders to do so, it is because we have become ungrounded and need this connection in order to move fully forward and accomplish what we wish to manifest in our lives. When was the last time that you sought out a meaningful connection with nature? I'm not just talking about walking outside from your house to your car, but I mean seriously leaning into the *connection* with nature, with Gaia, with Mother Earth. If you aren't sure when you have prioritized doing so, it's long past due for you to make this a priority, stat. Gaia is here to connect us, support us, protect us. She cannot do any of those things if we essentially ignore her existence or do not treat her with the proper reverence like the living entity that she is. Everything that exists on the Earth, all of the natural things that exist here, exist to support us on our journey. The air that we breathe, the sun that warms us, the wind the moves and cools us, the rain that cleanses us and provides us with water, the food that we eat. Yet we live our lives so detached from most of it, from most everything, that we do not honor these lovely things that exist to support us. Connect with Gaia. Connect with Mother Earth. Connect with all that she provides us. Be supported and sustained by that connection.

Flower Therapy Healing Sessions are wonderfully relaxing ways to connect with the support of Gaia and the beautiful flowers that she provides us. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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