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Connect With The Power Of Your Angels

Our Divine Download for November 11, 2022 is Angels of the 7 Chakras/Power, Truth, Connection from the Energy & Spirit Oracle. This card is a reminder of the powerful presence of the archangels in your life. Think about the issues you are dealing with or challenges that you are facing and call upon the archangels for assistance. We forget that we are meant to be in alignment and when we forget that, we lose perspective on our spiritual truth and true nature. We are also meant to be connected to our angels, including the archangels. The full magnitude of our power is best expressed in our fully connected state of spiritual truth and alignment. We don't have to worry about any sort of pomp and circumstance when it comes to working with any of our angels, including the archangels. While it is true, that each of the archangels has certain areas of speciality, including certain chakras that they correspond with, you don't have to be worried about only calling on the "right" archangel as no archangel will ever ignore your requests when you grant them permission to intercede on your behalf. Which areas of your body feel out of alignment? Why? What do you suppose that you need to do about it? Which of your chakras could use a little bit of extra healing and attention? Ask your angels for help. You are powerful, and you are connected. It truly is all about who you know.

When we feel disconnected from our angels or the archangels, that is the perfect time for a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session to allow us to reconnect and foster than connection. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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