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Connect with Your Domestic Space

Our Divine Download for August 19, 2021 is Oba/Domesticity from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. Oba is the Yoruba goddess of marriage and domesticity and she is signaling us that it is time to focus on tending to your own home and domestic area. Oba wants us to know that leaning into your home life is going to help support us at this time. Our home should be our sanctuary and our soft place to fall. If our home is a place of clutter, or tension, or even a battle ground for ourselves and others, we will not be able to take the proper rest and it will be more challenging for us to continue on our paths. Does your home represent who you are? Does your home highlight your current goals? Would someone know that YOU live in your home if they weren't told? Ideally all of these things should be true of our home and our domestic space. Our homes should be an extension of us, and should be a place for rest and support. What changes do you need to make today in order to bring your home into alignment with your current reality and your goals? While it likely isn't realistic to try to clear all of the clutter within your home today, if clutter is an issue, there are absolutely action steps that you can take which will affect positive change over time. Connect with the energy of your house. See what your house is trying to tell you. What does your house want? What does your house need? What can you do to build a better relationship with your house? Focus on those areas where you can affect change and those things that you can control.

If your domestic situation is less than satisfying and your relationship with your home less than gratifying, it can be hard to shift and make changes there, or even know where to start. Your Angels are there with you and can help you create an action plan to bring more balance and harmony into all things domestic during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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