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Connect With Your Guardian Angel By Asking

Our Divine Download for August 2, 2022 is Guardian Angel from the Angel Guide Oracle. We're all guilty of trying to do things on our own, all by ourselves, essentially since toddler-hood. This card serves as a reminder that our guardian angel is always with us, literally just waiting for us to call on them to allow them to offer their assistance. Because our free will choice is a hard and fast universal law which cannot be violated, our guardian angel, the other angels, the archangels, and all of our heavenly helpers cannot intercede in our lives without us granting them permission to do so by asking. Even a quick prayer to your guardian angle can take away some of that pressure of trying to do everything on our own. Our guardian angel wants to hear from us more. They want to work with us more. They want to have a meaningful relationship with us. Your guardian angel has been with you your whole life and was made specifically for you and is dedicated to you. Will you take the time today to have an easy informal conversation with them? When we work with our guides and our Angels it doesn't have to be formal or ritualistic in any way. You can speak to them the same what you speak to a trusted friend or loved one. Speak to your guardian angel openly in a heartfelt way about your life and any challenges you are facing, and anything that you need or want help with. That conversation, that "ask" is the beginning of their help finding it's way to you. Help from our heavenly helpers often looks different than we might anticipate and frequently comes to us through inspired thoughts and ideas, which we must be willing to act on. This card is your guardian angel's reassurance that they are with you now, as always.

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