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Connect with Your Heart's Home

Our Divine Download for November 15, 2020 is Heart's Home/Hawthorne from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Hawthorne reminds us of a connection the the pulse and heartbeat of the Earth that was more often experienced in times long past. It was easier to feel our connection to the Earth before areas began to lose their spirit, as is the natural consequence when natural landmarks are removed to make way for roads, buildings, and other human based developments. But that pulse, that heartbeat, our connection, it's still there. Are you connected to the place where you live? If so, is that connection a positive one? Can you feel your heart call the place that you live home? Can you feel the gentle pulses of the Earth? If the answer to all of those questions isn't a resounding "Yes! Of course!" then it's time to work on re-establishing that connection and strengthening it. Physically connect with the boundaries of you living pace, whether you define that as the home you live in, the land that your home is located on, your neighborhood, or a special place within your neighborhood that you best connect with. Identify and visualize the energetic center of this place. Visualize or imagine a golden cord dropping from this central place into the Earth and dropping through each layer of the Earth, until it anchors and roots itself in the glowing core of the very center of our planet. Allow yourself to feel the heartbeat and the pulse of the very Earth herself as you appreciate her aliveness and revel in her vibrancy. Send a silver cord from that same central point of your physical space up to the heavens, solidifying your connection to Heaven and Earth and notice as the expansive energies and light, and the specific vibrations of the various physical heavenly bodies radiate through your space. This will anchor your space to Heaven and Earth, and help you connect to the greater more expansive whole on both fronts. Connecting in this way clears any blocks that you may have to connecting your heart with your home. Home is where your heart is. But home is more so where you foster and grow a heart based connection to our Earth and the Universe.

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