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Consistency Is Key

Our Divine Download for August 27, 2023 is Constancy/Ramon Llull from the Masters of Magic Oracle Cards. Ramon Llull was an alchemist and Cabalist and lived quite and interesting life. Positive meanings of this car would be considered constancy, prudence, wait, order, logic, modesty, silence, introspection, rethink, seriousness, common sense, moderation, self-control. This card can even reference a monk or a solitary person. Negative meanings could be slowness, delay, late, obstacles, complications, complexes, prejudices, anxiety, insecurity, introversion, fear, withdrawal, restrictions, steadiness, founded suspicion, humiliation, pessimism, compulsion, guilt, penalty, reproach, punishment. This card can also reference a tax collector, policeman, or an unhappy or stubborn person. This card is letting us know that our power lies in constancy, or consistency. Time and discipline are on our side right now more than ever. Slow and steady wins the proverbial race, but only when we do good, quality work of which we can be proud. Now is not a time to slack on details or half ass anything. You don't necessarily need to be enthusiastic right now to take advantage of the energy of constancy available to us at the moment, and chances are we may not be feeling the project at hand, or much enthusiasm about anything. That's okay. As long as we show up and put forth our best effort, we are already ahead of the game. Whatever projects you are working on or changes you are looking to make in your life, your guidance is simple: be consistent. Magical things can happen when you

build on the foundation of constancy.

Sometimes we can have energy blockages which can make it quite difficult for us to be consistent and we can clear those energy blockages during an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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